Remember when… I was a guest on Science Sort Of?

I’ve decided to dust this recording off for a replay this week. Last year my friend and fellow EAP Costa Rica alum, Ryan Haupt, invited me to talk with him about all things condor for his podcast. I was super nervous but once I realized I was just talking about my favorite subject to one of my favorite science buddies it quickly became just a really good time. In the immediate aftermath of the release of this episode I felt I stumbled through parts of it and definitely blanked on some easy details (e.g. California condor wingspans are about 9 ft on average, 10 ft max). However, now that I listen back I cringe less during these slip ups and what shines through is my passion for studying these beautiful and rare birds. Big huge thanks to Ryan for giving me this opportunity to hone my communication skills and get the word out about condors and lead poisoning.


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