Revised California condor species account is published online

At about this time 2 years ago, my advisor and I agreed to take on a 15 year update of the California condor species account for Cornell University’s Birds of North America website. It took us about a year to complete and then almost a year to go through review, so it feels great to get this out in the world. California condors have been closely studied in the last 15 years, so there was a good deal of research and field knowledge added to Noel Snyder and John Schmitt’s already detailed original account. It was a privilege for me to work off such a well-researched and well-written document, and to get to contribute to the library of bird knowledge that Cornell hosts. The Birds of North America website is a great resource for accurate bird facts if you ever have any questions of the avian variety. Questions like, “where does this warbler go in the winter?” or “how long do these little guys live?” or “what does a pigeon eat?” or “are whooping cranes still endangered?” Plus they have links to the songs, calls, and sounds each species makes. Condor grunts, hisses, and wing flaps can be found here.

condor sp acc


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