Collaboration with UCSC’s Coastal Sustainability Blog

This past summer I got to take part in a new course on science and sustainability communication at UCSC. Over 5 days, about 15 other graduate students and I worked together to translate diverse research topics and crystallize our messages. We also learned from exemplary panels of scientists, lawmakers, and journalists. It was an exciting experience and I am still grateful for the personal inspiration and friendships that have come out of it. In fact, this very website/blog is a direct product of this course.

To keep the our blossoming science communication community active and provide budding scientists with an outlet for sharing their work, our instructor Kristy Kroeker as been curating a blog populated by short pieces from this group of students. My guest blog has just been published. I give an overview of lead poisoning routes in wildlife, and the questions I am aiming to answer with my graduate research. Enjoy!


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