A chance to support my research

There are about 10 hours left to participate in UCSC’s Giving Day. Our lab is promoting a project on lead exposure in bald and golden eagles in the United States. Lead poisoning is a known cause of death for many eagles, but we don’t know how often these birds ingest lead, or the degree to which lead exposure might be negatively impacting eagle populations in our country. We’ve learned a lot from studying lead exposure in California condors, and one of the coolest techniques (in my opinion) that our lab has pioneered uses feathers to measure the frequency of lead exposure in birds. We would be the first to apply this technique to eagle species. Click here to see our little video about our project: Leaded Eagles.

If you have the time and the funds to chip in some money for this project today please click the link below. It would be a huge help to get our project off the ground. If you don’t have the time today, please stay tuned for a future, less-time restricted funding effort taking place this summer!

Click here to donate through UCSC’s Giving Day website on May 11th

giving day post pic



One thought on “A chance to support my research

  1. Just to follow up with all of you, our UCSC Giving Day was a really great start towards funding our Leaded Eagles project! With your help, we raised $615 from just 12 donors! To put it in more tangible terms, we now have enough funds to determine lead exposure levels at time of death for 2 of our study birds! This is valuable information that will help us to understand the impacts of lead poisoning in eagle populations.

    I’m am touched by your generosity and friendship, and I’m confident now that we can actually get this thing funded with a longer term fund-a-thon in the near future. Please stay tuned for more info on this project, I’ll let you know how the results turn out!


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